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Horizontal flowpack

Horizontal flowpacker
  • Horizontal flowpack machines
  • servomotors
  • supply and export systems

Filling machines and multihead weighers

filling machines and multihead weighers
  • vertical flowpack / filling machine
  • multihead weighers
  • from 1 head to 48 head weighers

Printing and Coding

print and code devices
  • Inktjet printers
  • TTO printers

X-Ray machines

X-Ray machine meki
  • X-ray machine for food inspection
  • Suitable for high speed production
  • Metal, glass, bone, stone, plastic and teflon

Orbital Wrappers

Orbital Wrappers
  • Package large and / or long pieces in wrapping film
  • From manual to fully automatic

shrink film packaging machine

shrink film packaging machine with or without shrink tunnel
  • packaging with foil by means of heat
  • for presentation and / or protection

Strapping machines
with PP-band

STRAPAK strapping machine
  • Bundle products into 1 pack with PP strapping band
  • Economic to high-speed models

Case sealers

case sealers
  • From simple to fully automatic case sealing machines

Pallet wrappers

Pallet wrappers
  • Wrap up pallets with stretch film
  • Turntables and robots
  • With or without pre-stretching systems