Dibipack 4255 ST

The most efficient and cost-effective shrink film packaging machine in the world. Designed and designed to provide the best answer to the growing demand for a simple, efficient and reliable packaging machine at a good price. Ideal for fulfilling various packaging works in offices, banks, laboratories, archives, shops, newsagents, bookstores, video and music shops, warehouses, wholesalers, producers of pasta, bakers, etc. They can also be used to make plastic envelopes.

  • "one-step ®" systeem = simultaneous sealing and shrinking
  • Two ways of working: sealing and shrinking or sealing only
  • Impulse seal through sealing bar at the bottom
  • Standard magnetic closure
  • FREE chassis
  • Easy control of sealing and closing time and temperature
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Good Italian quality with good service!
  • CE certified
Dibipack 4255 ST
Technical specifications Dibipack 4255 ST
Max. sealing size 420 x 550 mm
Max. product height 220 mm
Power supply 230 V - 1 Ph
Power consumption 3 kW
machine dimensions L x W 1270 x 780 mm
Height of workbench 920 mm
Weight of the machine 87 kg
Max. roll dimensions dia x W 250 x 600 mm
Production speed Up to 360 pieces / hour

* None